What does your future look like?

Ready Washington’s posters – which were mailed out to all middle schools, high schools, and skills centers across the state – encourage students to plan their path today.

During the next five years, Washington state will have an estimated 700,000 job openings. Most of these jobs will be filled by workers who earn a credential after high school — such as a degree, apprenticeship, or certificate.

To spark students’ thinking about these great job opportunities, Ready Washington is asking them ‘What does your future look like?’ Through posters that we mailed to all public middle schools, high schools, and skill centers around the state, Ready Washington is continuing to build awareness about the importance of getting ready for education, training, and careers after high school.

These posters encourage students to connect what they’re learning today to the future career pathway of their choice. As noted on the poster, students who earn a credential after high school can earn almost $1 million more over their lifetime. That’s a lot of money!

To help us reach as many students as possible, please download and print a copy of the poster here, and display it in your office. And click here to tweet out the posters to your network.

Education today means opportunities tomorrow.