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Changing Resources
Select a listed resource on the right, click the – sign to remove it, then click a resource on the left to add it.
NOTE: There must always be 3 resources

Resources page

Adding a resource
Click Add New under posts. Enter a title and content. Choose as many categories as you want. Click Publish.

Adding an image to a resource
Click Add Media, select the image, choose Full Size, then click Insert into Post

Having featured images show up on individual posts
Appearance > Customize > Content Options > Featured Images > Display on single posts
(We would recommend disabling the featured images for everywhere except for in the slideshow on the top of the resources page. Then, if you have an image that you want to show up in the post itself, you can add it in the body of the post. Since you can specify a size for an image in the body of a post (unlike a feature image which changes size based on window height) its likely to look better.)

Adding a YouTube video to a resource
Just paste the URL of the video into the resource

Adding buttons to a resource
<a class=”button” title=”” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Download</a>

<a class=”button” title=”” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Visit website</a>

Removing a resource
Instead of removing a resource, you unpublish it, in case you ever want to use it again.
Click Posts, move your mouse over the resource you want to unpublish, click Quick Edit, change the Status to Draft, and click Update

Changing the order of resources
These are listed in chronological order, with the newest ones at the top, so you need to change the date on the resource. Click Posts, move your mouse over the resource you want to edit, click Quick Edit, change the Date, and click Update

Changing the featured resources at the top of the page
Add a resource
Edit the resource you want featured, add the tag “featured” in the Tags section, then click Update.
Remove a resource
Edit the resource you want to remove, click the x next to  “featured” in the Tags section, then click Update.
NOTE: Featured posts need to have a Featured Image


Adding a button
<a class=”button” href=”/about/”>Learn more</a>
More easily, you can convert a link to a button by selecting the linked text (must be a link, not regular text) you want to be a button, then choosing Button from the Formats dropdown.

Adding links
If  you want a link to open in a new window (usually if you’re directing the user to another site), choose Link Options, then check “Open link in a new tab”

Email links
<a href=””>Link text</a>

Creating 2 columns on a page
<div class=”column-1-2 column-first”>
<h3>We’re working to ensure that in 2030, 70% of Washington students will earn the credentials they need for career success, by age 26.</h3>

<div class=”column-1-2 column-last”>
<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-511″ src=”” alt=”” />

Full width banner images: 2400x1200px

Adding a caption to an image
When you’re first choosing an image from the Media Library, there’s a Caption field in the right hand column you can use to add a caption. If you want to add a caption to an image already in the page, select the image, click the Pencil icon, and you’ll see a caption field. The caption field supports HTML, so you can use this syntax if you want to center a caption:
<p style=”text-align: center;”>This is the caption</p>

Make an image link open in a new tab
Insert the image; then from the visual editor, hover over the image and click the Pencil/Edit icon; then, under Advanced Options, choose “Open link in a new tab” — update the image, and update the post.

Editing the footer
Choose Appearance > Widgets. On the right hand side, you’ll see Top Footer and Bottom Footer. The Top Footer contains the Join Us information. The Bottom Footer contains the address and Follow Us social media icons. Click the down arrow next to the widget you want to edit.