“High School is Just the Beginning.” Q&A With Fanuel Abraha

Fanuel Abraha is a senior at Edmonds-Woodway High School. He also has big dreams and a clear plan to achieve those dreams. Fanuel was featured in our latest #CredentialEssential campaign video about the success of the Edmonds School District in enrolling students into education and training programs after high school.

We couldn’t fit his whole story in the video, so here’s a Q&A with this impressive student:

What are your future plans after high school?

When I graduate, I’m planning to go to Edmonds Community College, and I’m planning to study computer science, take my prerequisites, and then transfer to Washington State University.

What tools and resources do you use to find out about education opportunities and explore potential job and career options?

The counselors communicate with me, and they help me learn what it takes to become successful in high school. We use a career and college planning tool called Naviance, which helped me start thinking about my future and the things that I need to do in order to get to the place that I want to be.

Have you had opportunities to complete financial aid application materials?

Yes, I’ve had the chance to complete my financial aid with the help of my librarians, my teachers, and Ms. Lipscomb. She helped me out with all my college applications and the financial aid. And she also works with seniors to organize visits to colleges and universities.

What was the college application process like?

The applications were so long and stressful. But, in the end, when you get accepted, you feel really happy and excited. And you can get help by asking your teachers, advisors, or counselors, and they can provide you with a lot of information.

What are two or three things you have done to prepare for success after high school?

Taking Running Start, taking ACT classes, volunteering and participating in different types of jobs that have to do with my career path. For example, during the summer, I did a technology internship for the Edmonds School District. And that gave me something to put on my resume and gave me a good experience by working with different computers in a fast-paced environment. Your future depends on the personal experiences you’ve done in high school.

Who would you like to work for eventually?

After graduating from WSU in computer science, I plan to continue into a master’s program at UW. After that, I would love to work at Microsoft, Amazon, or Google.

Why is it important to continue your education after high school?

It’s important to continue your education after high school because you want to get the right knowledge to work in the place you want to go to. High school is just the beginning. The credential is essential for your future plans.

Check out the full video about the Edmonds School District below. And click here to read an in-depth case study about the district.