Guiding Students on the Path to Achieving Big Dreams

Washington is home to a diverse economy with a broad range of anchor industries, including agriculture, aerospace, health care, retail, technology, and more. Increasingly the jobs available in our state are being filled by workers who have completed a postsecondary credential – such as a degree, apprenticeship, or certificate. Washington students have questions about how they can best set themselves up for success after high school. Planning and taking action through middle and high school will support students on their path to fulfilling their career dreams.

Our Goal: 70% of Washington students earn a post-high school credential by age 26.

Check out our Student Success Guide with common questions and a list of action items for students to consider in each grade level, starting in middle school. Here are three ways you can put this tool into action:

  1. Use it to guide conversations with the students in your life.
  2. Share it with your networks on social media.
  3. Share it with the adults in your life who support and guide students.