For Families

Want to help your child succeed in school? We can help.

Through our partnership with the Ready Washington coalition, we create clear, easy-to-use information to help parents and caregivers help students succeed in school and their future careers.

We provide resources about the state’s learning standards and assessments, tools to help you understand your student’s learning progress, and information to track how their learning today connects with career opportunities tomorrow.

We provide education resources for families regarding the state’s learning standards and assessments. The image is of a game board.

Featured Resource

The High School and Beyond Planning process can help support students in planning and progressing toward their hopes and aspirations for the future. It provides a way to explore key questions like: Who am I? What can I become? How do I get there? Find grade-specific resources for students and families at our HSBP @ Home resource.

Featured Resource

To make it easier for young people to access local programs and pathways to economic success, Career Connect Washington has created an online, statewide directory of all levels of career connected learning opportunities. This directory is designed to be used by students, families, young adults, educators, and school counselors—in short, anyone who is in a position to help people between 15-30 prepare for their Next Big Thing.