College and Career Readiness

Every Washington student should graduate from high school with the skills and knowledge they’ll need in college, an apprenticeship, or other training that will prepare them for career success. We work to ensure students’ success from kindergarten to high school graduation through a broad range of partnerships, public policy efforts, and community outreach, and by developing resources for educators and families.



Ready Washington

We collaborate with state and local education agencies, school districts, and advocates to create information and resources that make the case for a high-quality public education for all Washington students.

In partnership with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, we amplify student, parent, and teacher voices through our co-leadership of the Ready Washington coalition. Since 2013, Ready Washington has provided students, families, and teachers with clear, easy-to-use information about the importance of high expectations, measuring student progress, and helping students connect their learning today with their career plans and aspirations for tomorrow. Resources and information from Ready Washington can help students track their progress and plan their future career paths.


We work to advance research-based policies to support a public education system that works to better prepare students to achieve a credential after high school. Efforts include:

  • Maintain the state’s commitment to rigorous learning standards, assessments, and high school graduation requirements, all of which are crucial to ensuring that Washington students graduate high school ready for postsecondary education, training, and careers.
  • In the process of implementing the K-12 education funding plan adopted in 2017, continue to direct resources to the students most in need and drive improvements at low-performing schools. The state must ensure the plan is sustainable and school districts do not spend local levy dollars to fund basic education.
  • Pursue the highest leverage opportunities to reach our goal that, by 2030, 70 percent of Washington students will earn a credential after high school by age 26.

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