Focus Areas

We support success strategies from early learning through college and career.

We work with our partners to help Washington students pursue the career pathway of their choice. This requires an approach that begins early and supports students throughout a high-quality education experience. We focus on partnerships and policies in four areas to increase students’ ability to achieve a credential after high school, such as a degree, apprenticeship, or certificate.

Postsecondary Success

Earning a credential after high school is the key to accessing a vast array of career and advancement opportunities in Washington. Increasingly, the jobs available in our state are being filled by workers who earn a credential after high school. We want Washington kids to be prepared to compete for and succeed in those positions. Through partnerships, research, and policy efforts, we work to increase the number of Washington students who pursue and complete a credential by age 26.


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College and Career Readiness

Every Washington student should graduate from high school with the skills and knowledge they’ll need in college, an apprenticeship, or other training that will prepare them for career success. We work to ensure students’ success from kindergarten to high school graduation through a broad range of partnerships, public policy efforts, and community outreach, and by developing resources for educators and families.


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Career Awareness in WA

What will my future look like? It’s a question that we encourage all Washington schools to prompt students to start exploring, beginning in elementary school. Through partnerships with leaders in education and business, we develop creative resources that help students understand the jobs available in our state and encourage them to plan a path that will connect their education to future careers.


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Early Learning

Washington’s youngest learners are curious and full of potential. High-quality early learning opportunities can help close opportunity gaps and ensure all young learners are ready to enter and succeed in kindergarten and elementary school.

We partner with early learning organizations across the state to prepare young children for educational success. And we support targeted investments to expand early learning options for children facing obstacles.


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