Washington colleges and universities commit to increase enrollment and completion

Our state is facing a crisis in credential attainment. Our young people, particularly young people of color and those from low-income backgrounds, have not been able to enroll in college and career pathways as planned. But even before COVID-19, as the state economy increasingly demanded post-high school credentials as the gateway to career opportunities, far too few Washington students were successfully making the step from senior year to post-high school education.

The bright spot:

Washington’s public four-year colleges and universities are making individual, public commitments to increase enrollment and make progress toward achieving our goal that, by the high school class of 2030, 70% of Washington students will attain a credential beyond high school. The state’s community and technical college system also has set ambitious goals, as have the Independent Colleges of Washington, which includes the 10 private, not-for-profit four-year campuses in Washington.

We are inspired by the energy with which these institutions are making ambitious and unprecedented public commitments to meet the challenges our students face and the opportunities that awaits. They are pursuing innovative and robust strategies to maximize students’ attainment of the credentials needed for success in the jobs being created in our state. They are driving to create a brighter future for students, families, and communities. We are excited to continue to support the effort to recover, reimagine, and pursue the transformational work necessary to achieve the goals set out. Learn more.