Building a Manufacturing Career in WA

Most of the job openings our state will have by 2021 will be filled by workers with postsecondary credentials, such as a bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree, an industry certificate or an apprenticeship. People who like working with their hands and understanding how things work are a great fit for manufacturing jobs.

In a new video, employees from Fluke Corporation explain how to build a manufacturing career.

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A piece in the Seattle Times elaborates on manufacturing pathways.

“For example, an industrial engineer can expect to earn $109,021 per year, and 553 job openings are anticipated per year through 2021. A bachelor’s degree is recommended. A machinist can expect to make $52,597 per year, and 1,116 job openings, including fabrication technicians and specialized pipefitters, are expected annually. An apprenticeship is needed.”

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