A+ Washington is built on strategies to ensure that students start school ready to learn, graduate from high school, and continue preparing for success in the workplace and in life. The strategies spark change in Washington’s P-12 education system, to be implemented over a six-year time period. The Excellent Schools Now (ESN) coalition continues to promote A+ Washington and encourage lawmakers to adopt its strategies to improve education in our state. To download a copy of A+ Washington, click here.

Below are the strategies in A+ Washington and the outcomes that ESN hopes to achieve when those strategies are fully implemented:

Action Strategies to Achieve the Vision

Strategy 1: Expand Access to High-Quality Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd Grade Education
Strategy 2: Provide All Students with Access to Excellent Teachers and Leaders
Strategy 3: Position the State’s Students for Career and College Readiness
Strategy 4: Implement Flexible and Transformative Approaches to K-12 Education
Strategy 5: Develop Effective Data and Accountability Systems

Outcomes: Measuring our Results

Outcome 1: Eliminate the Opportunity Gap Among All Student Groups
Outcome 2: All Children Will Enter Kindergarten Prepared for Success in School and Life
Outcome 3: All Students Will Graduate Career- and College-Ready
Outcome 4: All Students Will Be Internationally Competitive in Math and Science Performance,
                    with Increased STEM Degree Achievement
Outcome 5: All Students Will Attain Living-Wage Certificates, Associate’s Degrees, Industry
                    Certificates, or Bachelor’s Degrees

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