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POLL: 70% of WA residents support Common Core

June 4, 2014


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Statewide poll: 70% of WA residents support Common Core

SEATTLE -- Nearly 70 percent of Washington residents said they support Common Core State Standards in a new statewide poll released Wednesday by Partnership for Learning, the education foundation of the Washington Roundtable. Support for the new learning standards was nearly identical in three regions surveyed: King County (71%), western Washington (71%) and eastern Washington (67%).

The survey of 900 Washington residents was conducted for Partnership for Learning on behalf of Ready Washington, a coalition of state and local education agencies, associations and advocacy organizations that support college- and career-ready learning standards.

The survey’s purpose was to gauge the public’s thoughts on our state’s education system as well as awareness and support for Common Core and testing. Complete survey results are available at

“These results mirror many national polls that show support builds for Common Core and testing the more the public and parents learn about them,” said Jana Carlisle, executive director of Partnership for Learning. “The new standards are important because raising expectations for all students helps address our state’s growing equity issues and helps students better compete for the quality jobs Washington has to offer.”

The Common Core State Standards are being implemented in Washington state’s 295 school districts this school year and will first be tested in spring 2015 with the new Smarter Balanced exams in grades 3-8 and 11. Visit and new the frequently asked questions section ( to learn more.

Key findings in the statewide survey include:

  • 48% think our state’s K-12 education system is moving in the right direction; 30% wrong track; 21% don’t know
  • 41% think our public schools expect too little of students; 39% about right; 10% too much; 11% don’t know
  • 44% have heard of Common Core (up from 14% in 2013); 54% have not; 2% don’t know
  • 69% support Common Core; 24% oppose; 10% don’t know (post-test results).
  • 69% of parents and 70% of non-parents said they support the standards
  • 68% agree that an initial drop in state test scores is worth it if student learning increases over time
  • 76% agree that common learning standards in English and math across the nation will better prepare students college, work and life
  • 75% agree the new Smarter Balanced assessments are better geared to accurately measure what students really know and can do
  • 69% agree tests are a part of life and provide a critical annual academic checkup to make sure student learning is on track
  • 71% agree that to ensure students master these new, deeper standards, teaching and assessment practices must evolve to better align with the standards

The statewide survey of 900 Washington state residents was conducted by DHM Research from April 12-24, 2014; it has a margin of error between +/-2.0% to +/- 3.3% at the 95% confidence level.

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